Who was your Loved one?


Damian was such a quite spirit . I used to joke with him because he had such a soft voice so even when he yelled at the kids his voice truly didn’t elevate  much louder. When I first met Damian through mutual friends he was always so laid back and never spoke much. I was very attracted to him but it appeared he wasn’t very interested in me. Years went by and Damian never made a move. I moved away and when I moved back home I went to the club one night and low and behold I saw Damian. I gave him my phone number for the third time. I left the club that night and I sat in the back seat of a friends car and said ” Man I really like him but he never calls me”. sure enough the next day he called. Our first conversation we sat on the phone for over six hours . We began speaking on the phone everyday , all day Damian and I would hold conversations until we fell asleep. We were inseperable from that point. We spent morning , noon , and night together.

As a parent you could call Damian the good guy and I was the bad guy. Mommy can get loud and fuss. Daddy stays calm and reasons. I worked 10 hour days and Damian took care of our children. I saw my children for breakfast and that’s it. Damian made dinner, went to tball practice, bathed kids, cleaned and maintained house, ran errands all the duties I wasn’t present to fulfill . I walked in the house at 9:30pm most nights and there he sat house cleaned . My dinner plate on the counter as he sat in his favorite spot on his laptop working. He would offer a foot massage and would be readily available to listen to my gripes of the day. I admired his tenacity. I watched Damian and most would complain, not him. He never ever complained about doing anything for our family.

Damian was very creative . He was a graphic designer. he developed flyers, business cards, logos, etc. He loved designing. Damian’s dream was to create his own tshirt line. Damian had many designs already designed and he was continually working towards releasing his line soon. He use to attend the Art institute of Design. I remember how much he loved it and how exciting it was for him. He was so happy to learn so much about Design that he didn’t even know existed. Art was his life.

Damian worked as a counselor at one of our local community centers for six years. He worked with children and so many youth loved and admired him.

As crazy as it sounds Damian was truly an angel. He had an amazing smile, kind heart, patient, caring, extremely understanding. He was wise, mature and humble. He was extremely intelligent. He always put his needs behind and everyone else’s first.

You don’t get to meet to many people like him. Truly , there is not one person that could ever say they disliked Damian.

Damian was talented in many ways. He was and still is a beautiful soul. Damian was the heartbeat to our family and he will forever be missed.

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