1. Hello Shannon! Thank you so much for following my blog. I was supposedly to comment on your “about” page about (I’m sorry for this) death. It made me think about how amazing death is. Why? It’s because even if they departed, death doesn’t stop there. You will learn something from the dead waiting to be unfold.


  2. Hello Shannon, Thank you for following my blog.
    Your writing is anazing. I learn as much from your writing as from your story.
    My own family losses are of a sister who suicided with a handgun, a bother who died of AIDS and a mother who should not have been driving.
    The brutality of young death affects the living far more than the dead, and I believe that is what the murderers and suicides intend: to emprison us, to disempower us, to take us out of the game, even more than those they kill. Somehow our spiritual journey is to stay in the game without giving in to hatred or depression.
    Please keep writing. Your children and thousands of others will benefit from following this journey, whether now or later, with you.
    With love, Emily


    • Thanks Emily! You have experienced death on numerous occasions and im sorry for your loses. Im sure your wisdom increases with ever loss. Yes, everyone is effected by loss and our personal journey is challeneged everytime.oh and i enjou your blog on decluttering it’s something i stuggle with and if i can only declutter it would bring soooooo much peace.Thanks.


  3. Shannon, thank you for following Universe Messages. First, I would like to say that your blog is so important for everyone to read. Death is very hard for the living who are still fulfilling their Earth commitments. Someone is always going to be left behind until its their turn to go home. Teaching people how to continue their path is extremely important. Thank you again for sharing your journey with us. With much peace and love to you. Idagi


    • Your Blog is so wonderful and it truly enlightens me. Simply stated. ” i understand what needs understanding”.keep posting its also truly something that should be shared.Thanks idagi


  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I’m so sorry for your loss. In the past year I’ve lost 2 people to sudden death. No chance to say goodby, I love you. I read Adventures of the Soul and it helped me a lot. A relative gave me the book I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye by Brook Noel & Pamela Blair. I just started reading it. I think it may help you too.


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