I created this page as an outlet to the pain of losing my significant other of six years. I truly believe we are taught to grieve and it starts very young .Death is always all around us as we attempt to figure out ways to cope. My sons are six years old and they love to whine and cry.We had a conversation once , and I asked ” When is it OK to cry?” one of my sons stated “when someone hits you or stabs you.” Then he stated “or When you fall and get hurt” then  My other son stated ” You are suppose to cry when someone dies”. I quietly processed what he said and realized how are emotional reactions are taught through the responses of others. We see the tears, extreme sadness, we attend the funerals and then we start the grieving process. Fighting with our thoughts and emotions. Fighting through every stage of grief that presents itself. This life is so brand new to us and we are adapting to the onset of emotions and sorting through who we truly are and how we feel. We can be liberated and happy. We can be strong. We can realize that we have been confronted with a new beginning.

Death isn’t the end and there is life after  .There is something to learn in ourselves through our losses of others . Embrace the change and understand your loved one is still here.

with love