The Jungle Book

l let the boys stay up after their bedtime last night and watch the jungle book. Yes, I know awful mother.I was excited to have movie night with the boys because we get our pillows and blankets and snuggled up and cuddled. Just us relaxing.

We watched the movie with all its twists and turns. It had us on the edge of our seats. We smiled, laughed and jumped out of our skin.The boys and I truly enjoyed the movie.

I sat back and thought about the Jungle Book after watching it. It amazed me to witness the story unfold.

Here was a little boy brought into an unknown world. He existed in the jungle a scary world to you and I but to him he was taught to live from those around him. He was loved by those around him and he trusted who he knew as his family so he adapted more to their way of life.  He possessed confidence , compassion, care and he had an immense lack of fear. He walked though life ready to embrace and handle any challenge.

Mowgli was his name. A small boy who possessed so much courage.

Mowgli was just a little baby swept away into the jungle. There he was raised by wolves that he didnt fear instead they were his family. Love and care were expressed through the wolves care for Mowgli. He wasnt taught to fear others that werent like him or his family.

When Mowgli got older he was being hunted by a panther in the jungle so the wolves decided to send him back to where he came from .

His journey began as he made his way out of the jungle.  He started his treck only to be tested every step of the way. He ran most of the movie. Hiding from those who wanted to cause harm to him.

As Mowgli’s journey went on he never even thought about giving up. Never once was he ever consumed with fear. His spirit never changed.

Mowgli made friends along the way and gained respect. He stayed true to who he was. He saved a baby elephant , he shared his food when he didn’t have any to share. Mowgli became more than just someone passing by. He built lasting relationships and friendships.

The black panther that was hunting for him wanted him to return so he killed the leader of the wolf pack which was Mowgli’s father. Mowgli continued his journey not knowing about the death of his father. When he was reaching the end of his journey Mowgli then recieved news that his father had been killed.

He said “Someone has to do something about it”.

Mowgli’s family  and the entire wolf pack had allowed the panther to scare them and they didnt fight back they allowed fear to control them.

When grief hits us we allow the feelings of pain and anguish to control us. We allow fear, frustration, hurt, despair all paralyze us and we remain still and dont fight back.

Mowgli’s family was paralyzed and couldnt and wouldnt react.

Mowgli responded by making his journey back home to the wolfpack as fast as possible. He gathered fire to use as his weapon and headed back home to stand up against the panther that desired to kill him.

He wanted to stand up against the panther for killing his father. He wasn’t scared. He had just faced death,  had only shed a few tears and prepared hisself to fight back.

He finally faced the panther and he stood in his face and said “Im not scared of you”. He was this tiny boy who had no chance at all against this tiger. He carried the fire the whole way which ended up setting the whole jungle on fire. He stood in front of every animal in the jungle and was ready to go head to head with the panther.

Everyone knew he didn’t have a chance. He needed everyone to help fight if he was going to fight. So they started to chant “The strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack”. They stood up together to fight the panther and Mowgli ultimately defeated him and chose to stay in the jungle with his family. Mowgli stood up to live the life that he was given.

I look at Mowglis journey as our battle with grief and many other emotions we take own throughtout our journey in life.

We live our lives day to day then a turn of events occurs in our life and we submit to them. We have to face them fearlessly and understand what we experience as a apart of our journey.

Death, birth, loss, love, desire, taste, emotions, struggle, and triumphs are all examples of the false reality that we exist in. Mowgli embraced every new encounter without fear or doubt. He ran at his obstacles like a bull head on. He shed only a tear or two and stood up against everyone and everything that was against him. He stood up for his father but he ultimately stood up for himself because that what his spirit and soul desired. He needed to do what he believed was right for him and only him. He needed to accomplish his own personal trials and tribulations. He needed to overcome the things that were defeating him personally and emotionally.

That is exactly what he did. Mowgli overcame.. He did it in such a strong way that taught me many lessons. Life can sneak up on you and snatch everything good you have ever known about life away from you.

What do you do then? You and give up or you can overcome. Strength is a powerful tool if you hold onto it and embrace and absorb it. Well what do we define as strength? I would call strength embracing and accepting. I would say strength is the ability to understand reality which is partial acceptance to some extent.

Once we build a certain level of strength we use it to move forward but moving forward does not mean moving on ,it means surviving. It means making amends.

I see Mowgli teaching us example of how to deal with grief. He teaches us many lessons and he even teaches us patience. You may say how, Well waiting to embrace tomorrow is surely patience.

Death is truly not the end. My heart pours pain, hurt, regret, remorse, guilt and sadness.

I search to make sure that the day I leave life that I get to see his face again, I get to touch him, I get to tell him how much I love him, I get to hold him and kiss him. I miss him so much . I hurt so bad. I know I can be Mowgli and face this pain and if I can do it you can do it too.

Love Shannon





  1. Just another Shannon popping in to say hi and to tell you that Jungle Book was such an awesome movie! I remember dancing around as a child to the Disney version alllllllll those years ago, and this new movie did not disappoint me at all!
    I hope you and your boys are getting stronger with each day.


  2. I haven’t seen the movie nor read the book, however, I’d like to leave a note here. The note about ‘bedtime’ . It is my believe that no child should be told when to go to bed. Smiles. All it takes is one good book, in the hands, in the comfort of a Papasan chair or a “catnapper’ recliner, and after a while, any child or adult is zooming to sleep. . Apologies, I know you were writing about a story or movie and perhaps my comment is not needed. This is just my way of saying, “hello”, nice blog. Later, artfromperry


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