July 23rd 1982

On this lovely day of July. A magnificent soul was born by the name of Damian Terry. Bare with me as this is very, very hard to type.

Damian born a small boy from his mother Rebecca and Samuel. I remember sitting in his mothers living room and gazing at all the pictures on her walls . She had every picture Damian had ever taken. It was always so funny to see him as a child now grown into a man. He possessed the same smile and those same dark eyes . He used to share memories of his days growing up quite often. it amazes me how we have vivid memories of our past.

Damian was around 9 years old when he was making a Christmas list for Santa with his father in his room. His father suffered a heart attack and passed that day right in that room. The pain of his fathers loss traveled with him everyday. I knew he hurt tremendously from his loss but it never dawned on me how painful and real the loss still played a major role in his everyday emotions. It was not long after he died. I went through some of his belongings and found recorded raps. I had no idea Damian had even took the time to record a song or how talented of a rapper he was. It all came as a shock. One of his lyrics stated” Pop’s I know you’re watching over me sometimes i’d wish you’d prove it.” I realized how loss still effected him everyday. He spoke little about his pain he was an introvert for the most part. This was painful to hear.

Damian had one brother who was over 10 years older than he was. He was the baby.I used to watch the dynamic between him and his mother and even though loved is expressed so differently I truly saw the love she had for her son. She almost cried when we told her on Christmas that we were pregnant.

Its been 7 months since Damian has been gone. We miss him dearly.

The 23rd day of July will always be celebrated. Damian your memory will always live on. Today for your birthday  we will carry you around.Our beautiful children are growing so much older. Savanna is so sweet and smart. She looks so much like you I want to cry watching her grow. Crisitan is such a big helper and he is such a big boy. Camden is still getting sharper and sharper by the day. Cayden is maturing slowly and its amazing to watch. They all still keep me laughing and smiling.

My fight is for them. Our children. I wish you were here in the physical to be every bit of who you are. You will never be forgotten.Until me meet again.

Love Shannon




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