and then there was Green Relish!

So I’ve been working on a project. It’s a innovative search engine designed to find everything organic and all natural. Its also for Paleo, Vegan and raw lovers. It was developed for anyone health conscious or who needs any tools to live more healthy.

The search engine will allow you to find any and every healthy and all natural option. Food, Restaurant, Naturopathic care, Holistic Wellness, Metaphysical stores, Health food stores, Grocery Stores, Farms,  Gardens, Clothing, Body care, Herbs, Essential oils, Hair care, cosmetics, online stores, blogs, the list goes on. Pretty much anything all natural on all levels can be found. More importantly it can also be found in your local area. The brain of the search engines only understands organic and all natural.

Green Relish came about after Damian’s death. Well for all those who have read many of my posts you know how difficult it’s been. In that process i stopped eating. My tummy shrank as well. I lost my appetite and desire to eat. Through his loss and my new journey through my own spirituality I began to Meditate. Meditation has given me so much peace which I will write a blog post about soon. In that peace I began to accept many different things then then through that I began to slowly eat again. I had dropped more than 30 pounds. Meditation became more and more important to me. I realized that my diet played a role in allowing me to reach certain goals I had laid out for myself. I have always been health conscious but it was now even more important. I needed many things that I couldn’t find in my local stores. I was able to find metaphysical stores and health food stores after a long search.These places were right up under my nose and I never knew it, being a native of my area. I knew I had to let know people where they existed. That is where the idea came from. I started to realize how useful the tool can be for others.


So with that being said I created a page to find out how many people would truly be interested while building the site. I could use the help of all you wonderful bloggers and followers and friends because through our experiences we are certainly building relationships. I would love to find investors to help develop the project so sharing this could truly help.I know this post is outside of the ordinary posts. Its something i’m building for everyone , my kids and I included.

go to and just enter your email address and you will be added to the mailing list! Spread the love! Word of mouth truly takes you far and every person is instrumental in this process.

Love Shannon


  1. What a brilliant and useful idea! My son is vegetarian, holistic etc. and the amount of time we’ve spent scrabbling through phone books, looking at obscure websites…good luck!

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  2. Love this idea! After my son crossed over I also started meditating and it has changed my life. I also have a chronic illness called ME/CFS and have seriously gotten into healthy eating and lifestyle. This is so needed! Thank you!


  3. Sorry! I am a little confused. I clicked on but am a little confused as to where to enter my e-mail address.


  4. Sounds awesome, I’ll go sign up. I’m a vegetarian of 19 years and now aspiring vegan. I have a variety of plant-based alternatives (along with other related info) noted on my website at


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